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How to Protect your monthly INCOME in 2018

In the North direction or sector this year the 5 Misfortune star resides bringing unfortunately three kinds of misfortune. Those being financial loss, relationship loss or troubles, and health issues. Being in the North it affects the Career and monthly income of those afflicted by it. It’s felt more strongly by those who spend a lot of time in the North this year, with a bedroom or office here or have a front door located in the North. It can also affect the Chinese zodiac animal the Rat since this is the direction of the Rat.Another possibility that this 5 star can bring is broken bones. I’ve seen people that had this annual star at their door end up with broken bones, and a broken relationship. I find it’s better to take this advice on using a remedy than to chance a broken bone; which could stop your monthly income as well. I had a boyfriend with a broken arm that was a bartender and he couldn’t work for months, (before my feng shui time). The idea with feng shui is to avoid these pitfalls and make our lives run a little smoother and to help support us in our goals, not to give it credit for our personal hard work. We still have to be focused and work towards our goals, as feng shui is only one third of the equation.The 5 star in the career sector can also mean a possible pink slip, so no gossiping and do your best at work if the North is a key area for you, (ie your front door or bedroom). Try to be an asset to your company.One other thing this star can do, is when it combines with the 8 wealth star it’s more likely for children to break bones, so watch the monthly stars and if a child sleeps in the North this year and the monthly star is the 8 star you may want to move them out of that bedroom for that month.No worries though, the Misfortune star can be remedied fairly easily. Place moving metal in the North, either a pendulum clock, a fan or a Neko Kitty that has its arm waving all the time. The quieter the remedy the better. I also strongly suggest avoiding open flames if at all possible. If your range or stove is here, use it sparingly or not at all, (especially if it's fueled by gas) and when it’s warm enough, use your BBQ but avoid having it in the North or the West directions if someone is ill in the home. Avoid the color red and bright lighting, as it’s best to keep this area dimly lit and quiet. Why not err on the side of being safe as well as safe keeping your monthly income while keeping misfortune at bay if you can?One more option is a clear glass container filled with water, stones and 3 stalks of bamboo to help control this misfortune star. You can also put dirt from the North in a 5 Element Pagoda if you have one and place it in the North, or even better inside a closet in the North. My home faces North so I have the Pagoda as well as the bamboo and a Neko Kitty in the North. 

Prosperity & happiness to you in 2018!




Great for weddings/shower registries, for new home owners as a unique gift idea for a fresh positive start, or put a gift certificate in a get well card, (feng shui is also used to support health). Give friends and/or family support in reaching their professional and personal goals!

Year of the Boar

The 5 Misfortune Star in the SW in 2019

If you’re a woman or the SW area of your home is an important area, (your main entrance, office or bedroom) you’ll want to take serious heed of the recommendations below so as to avoid any unnecessary problems. This 5 star is called the ‘bone breaker’ for one because it can cause broken bones, but that’s not all. This star can bring serious health issues, relationship issues and financial loss and when it’s in a sector for the whole year it is at it’s strongest.
This energy started coming in in November and will be fully here as of Feb.4th 2019. You can add a remedy here whenever you like between now and Feb. 4th for the 5 star. If any star to be pre-emptive about, it would be this one, especially because it is in a large earth sector and so is supported and will be stronger than usual.The best cure or remedy is a 5 element pagoda that has an opening and lid so you can add dirt from the sector, (SW in 2019) that has the 5 Earth Misfortune star. Then place it in that sector where no one can see it. Usually it is suggested to place it in a cabinet out of sight. Another option is to place a fan in the SW and leave it there all year and have it going all the time. A pendulum clock will also do the trick and if it’s on the wall it’s out of the way and will run continuously to slice through the negative earth energy of the 5 star.Women will be affected this year mostly from the Yellow 5 star because it is in the matriarch’s sector for the whole year. We all have this star come around every 9 years and unfortunately this year women got the short straw. I suggest women carry a 5 element pagoda on a keychain on your purse. Wearing white is considered a power color for women and wearing some this year will be like a bit of a shield from the 5 star. This goes for men also if they reside or have an office or main door in the SW.Luckily if your house is a SW facing home there is a 5/8/2 star combination through the SW to NE which helps balance and bring positive energy; these three sectors, (SW/center/NE) form a positive alliance which can then mitigate some of the negative aspects of the 5 and the 2 stars. With a main SW entrance opportunities can come to you, but it’s best to use a different front door; place a Kwan Kung figure at your SW door for protection in 2019.


"The detailed Feng Shui analysis was very interesting for me. Not only did I experience an increase in business income, I developed a more relaxed feeling in the day to day workings of the office.” -Jon Traut, London Pain Clinic

“Brenda!!!!! OMG, you have changed my life.  My business is booming, I have clients on a waiting list. Yay! I'm so excited and grateful! Love you!!" - Mati Edwards

"We sold in mid July - the farm in Ariss - Thank you so much. A lot of what you recommended, I intuitively knew, and your recommendations help tweak it." - Jeannette Shaw

"After I made the changes Brenda suggested my staff had a meeting unbenounced to me and they all decided to take a cut in pay! My $800 over charged water bill was re-imbursed, two embezzling employees quit and an employee returned $5000 worth of stolen merchandise all in a matter of a 2 week period." - Bruce Monck

"Not only is she an amazing FS Master, but truly an amazing inspiration to my life. Brenda has changed my home and my life and for that I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Brenda S." - Alix Godfrey

" I received my Permanent Resident card within five days of following Brenda's advice, and my visa came within days also, months before my scheduled appointment which I didn't have to go to.  I could happily go on vacation as planned. " - Joyce Ashworth

2019 Water Star # 8 for Wealth

The water star 8 is a star that moves monthly in a pattern to all the different directions and brings opportunities for wealth and prosperity to the sector it resides that particular month. Considering the direction it goes into that month may change the type of opportunities presented; say it goes into the North which is the career sector, this may bring an opportunity for advancement in your job and therefore your monthly income goes up. If the water star moves into the West like in October 2018 (and you spent a lot of time in the west of your home or office) you may have found that you earned money from a creative endeavor, as the west rules creativity.  Use the 8 star area more to help activate this sector and support wealth opportunities coming to you. Another thing you can do is to place a water fountain in this area in 2019.  Also spending 3 hrs or more a day in the center of the home/building can also activate it, and/or adding a light. 

In the year of the BOAR the prosperity luck gets spread around to everyone in the home and all the zodiac signs because the 8 Wealth star is in the center of the chart.  If you have an open concept home or building this is especially true for you.  What the 8 star bring is opportunities to support your finances, so you still need to keep an eye out for them and be ready to take advantage of them when you do see them.  It gives an extra boost of energy to the center of the home.


Now & Zen Article & Excerpts:


Bazi, (also known as Four Pillars) is a metaphysical study using a persons birthdate to help with ones health, personal and family life, career, and even romantic life. It’s a time stamp of when you are born, and it shows the elements the way they were set up in the universe the moment you were born. It also has ten year luck pillars that lay out your life by the five elements as well as the Chinese zodiac animals; these predict whether or not you’re going through a good luck cycle or a not so good luck cycle. You can make the most of your chart/life if you know what it is bringing into your life, and therefore improve your luck cycles - both your good luck and your tough times; It will show when someone will meet a partner to marry, what you’re best suited to do as work and therefore make the most income at doing it as a career, (or having parts of these elements in your career) and the best industry for you to work in and a host of other things. Regarding health one can detect physical issues such as organ problems, parkinsons, cancer and more which then can be individually treated with personalized recommendations using the elements to balance an individuals chart. For example, if you day master is enhanced by fire, (which is a equal to warm a dry) and you don’t feel well but can’t find a cure you can look at your luck pillars. It may show that you’re elements are out of balance because you’re in a 5 yr period of water. Water is the equivalent to cold and damp. So if you’re in a period of water and you already live in a cold and damp climate then one very effective cure is to move to a warm and dry climate. Sometimes this can be hard to do and so you could do the next best thing in elemental cures; you can add fire in other ways to your life with actual fire, or with fire foods. See here how to use the five elements within food:
If you enjoyed the Qi Men Dun Jia video with Pat last month here is something that may also be of interest. This video has Raymond Lo from the Feng Shui Society explaining how to read Bazi charts using the birth charts of the royal family including Princess Di and Kate Middleton; since they’re in all the headlines of late I chose this one for you. Check it out here:
There are more video’s on line that explain by using examples how one can use the luck pillars and the elements to see what health issues a person may come up against, if any and how to balance a chart. Of course each person’s chart is unique, so it takes someone who has studied Bazi to give a reading, but you may be able to figure things out for yourself by trial and error by experimenting with foods and elements in the now. This won’t tell you your future luck cycles, but it may help you out now and keep you more in tune of what is going on with your health and options to try to improve it.

To see other articles click 'resource' tab at the top of this page.


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Although there were some negative sectors this month my front door had the academics star doubled and I felt urged to learn something new. So I enrolled in Joey Yap’s Qi Men Dun Jia Academy Pro Course and am excited to learn more about various ways to tap the different energies surrounding us.  So who knows, I may roll out a few new feng shui services or workshops after I’m finished!   Stay well!


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Here I am with Iverson having a great time at Joey Yap's 2018 QI MEN DUN JIA Course in Orlando, Florida. 

Dato Joey & I at his 2016 Feng Shui & Qi Men Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in The Big Apple!  And what a fun place NEW YORK, NEW YORK was to be on Halloween.  Joey  Yap is a famous author with 162 books , has his own private TV channel, is a Chinese  Metaphysics authority, Columnist,  and Consultant for large elite Developers.

A gorgeous hotel in the heart of New York - a great opportunity & learning experience with Joey Yap.

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