Brenda will come out to your home or office and take down information of the building and have you fill out a quick form regarding your goals after you've emailed her your floor plans.  This initial assessment takes about 20-30 minutes.  She will create and email you your Personalized FS Report and come out after you've thoroughly gone over it to answer any questions you may have in implementing the recommendations.

Long Distance Consultations

"How can you do a consultation and never see my space?"

While an onsite consultation is always best, some just cannot afford to bring a Master Feng Shui Consultant on site. Brenda offers many affordable solutions for any priced budget. 

One Room Reading, (usually the living room, office or bedroom)  $88

You will receive a two page report about the space and a half hour phone call with Brenda to get you moving in a feng shui direction.
Many will use this as a starting point and Sjostrand Designs has made it even more enticing with the following offer: If within 3 months of your consult you decide you would like your whole home or office building consultation completed, you can apply this $88 towards your full consultation. (Note: If this is used for your work office outside the home, it cannot also be applied to a whole home consultation).

One Goal Report  $108

You will receive a 3 -4 page Feng Shui Report with recommendations that take into consideration the whole home or building after a floor plan is provided, (and possibly an initial home or office visit).  This report takes into account your personal Zodiac and personal Kua number and directions as they relate to your main goal that you would like to reach.  Most people would like help with relationships, finances or health.  There are numerous areas and layers that can be utilized to help and support with one's personal goal, which when done correctly with Classical Feng Shui in a compounded fashion can produce forward motion towards the goal. If there are any environmental issues outside of the building that block the clients goal this will be addressed also.

2019 Feng Shui Year of the BOAR Updates  $88 

On sale for $68 until Jan. 10, 2019!!

Support yourself and your goals in the upcoming year with feng shui personalized detailed report with 2018 updates so you can make your year smoother with less road blocks.  Brenda updates from a previous years report.  I also add a bonus about your house direction and/or animal sign can expect for the year.

Whole Home Consultation $288, (apartment consultations also available for less depends on the size)

This consultation will include a 4 - 6 page report and a one hour phone call with Sjostrand Design Master Feng Shui Consultant, Brenda, to discuss your Feng shui report. 

Two New Home Consultations for $188

This consultation Brenda will analyze two to three new homes and different building lots to maximize your harmony in your new home. You will receive a 3 page report for each home with details of what is positive and what is negative with each home/lot, what should not be overlooked, and what goals it would support for you personally. 

SPECIAL OFFER: If within 5 months of purchasing your New Home Consultation, (provided it was one of the homes in the New Home Consultation), you can apply the $188 towards a whole home consultation. That means a whole home consultation will only cost $100 instead or $288.  So you would have the home that is best for your goals with a full FS Consultation as well on how to utilize the positive aspects of that home for you and minimize the roadblocks in your life for just the price of a Whole Home Consultation!

Business/Office Consultation, (per square ft.)

Based on the square footage of the space. Prices are $.25/square foot up to 4000 square feet and $.40/square foot over 4001 square feet total.

Long Distance FS Consultations,(In person)

Travel expenses, i.e. hotel, plane ticket and/or rental car plus $188 an hour for consultation.  All travel arrangements must be paid for up front before final consultation plans are set.

Additional Services

  • Are you a Landscaping and want to have a Feng Shui Consultant help with the layout?
  • Are you a Developer that wants to maximize the property for quick sales?
  • Are you a Business Person that needs a new logo design and want some pointers to maximize the effectiveness for drawing clients to you?
  • Are you a Real Estate Agent and want to help your clients sell their homes quickly?
  • Are you selling your home and wanting staging combined with Feng shui?
  • Are you trying to choose which home will be the best for you personally?
  • Do you have a small business that you want to bring more income?

Check with Brenda and she will work a quote for any service needs you might have. We even have a referral network that you will receive payment for clients that you refer to our services. Just ask- nothing is too small or too big for Brenda to feng shui!!

Custom made artwork or create your own art with my guidance to support you in your personal goal.  I also have an artist that can design more detailed art with my elemental and Feng shui input to create specific artwork just for your personalaspirations.

Contact Brenda