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While feng shui is an ancient teaching, it has been brought into the 21st century. It is not all about placing little Chinese trinkets everywhere and making your space look like it is directly out of an Asian design book. It is about placement, colors and representing the 5 elements correctly and having them effectively work for you and not against you.  Feng shui is considered one third of a persons luck, so why not have all of your luck working for you to reach goals like family harmony, relationship, career and health support?

A lot of people have confusion about what feng shui is, or they only have half of the correct information to decide if it's right for them. My mentor, Kathryn Weber, sums it up the best: "Feng shui is about ancient Chinese principles of placement, examining the environment and making recommendations about how to maximize the energies inside and outside homes and businesses. Even though we don’t control the environment, we can make it suit us and we can learn how to adapt and cultivate our environments".

She is correct. This is about how to use what is around you and place it correctly to suit you and benefit you. Have you ever walked into a room and felt completely at peace? And conversely, have you walked into a room and just the surroundings made your skin crawl?  These are prime examples of how the effects of the surroundings can make you feel better or worse.


Sjostrand Design is a company founded in 2014 by Brenda Strand, (derived from Sjostrand, pronounced Shu Strand) a Master Feng Shui Consultant and Practitioner. Sjostrand Design is located in London, Ontario Canada. She does long distance consultations as well.

Brenda started learning about Feng Shui many years ago.  After having a particularly difficult month, she went more in depth and started cross referencing vedic astrology, numerology and various schools of feng shui;  Realizing they were  coming up with similar answers, Brenda decided to study Classical feng shui because it had the most detailed explanation and compounding actions to help bring about desired results.  She studied three feng shui schools over twelve years and decided on Classical feng shui  because it had the most clarity and concisenes,s which helped in coming up with the best solutions to balance/support energies where needed. Brenda started making little changes inside and outside her home and discovered that she felt more comfortable in her surroundings.

Brenda decided that she would like to be a consultant to help others with this knowledge and found Kathryn Weber, Master Feng Shui Consultant and author of one of the top rated E-Zines, The Red Lotus Letter. Brenda took Kathryn’s course and is now a Certified Master Feng Shui Consultant, (Kathryn’s course is a Silver Member School with the International Feng Shui Guild and Kathryn herself is a Red Ribbon Member under Lillian Too.)



Q. Does feng shui suggest the best place for burial plots?

A. Feng shui started as a study of graves and burial sites and the Luo Pan they used was meant for yin energy, which is the type of energy found in cemeteries. The Chinese still to this day have baskets of their ancestor’s bones high up in the mountains waiting until the best site is available to bury their ancestors remains; which is believed to also help the living descendants. Eventually it was found that there was value in applying this type of metaphysics to the living and spaces we occupy and so a yang Luo Pan, (the type I use above) was created.  So in answer to your question – yes. This is not part of my specific studies but the idea is to have a mountain supporting from behind, the grave site would be partially up a mountain, (not super steep though) and land out front with water further out. For a more detailed explanation read the “Burial Book”, by sage Kuo Pu.

Q. My home office is in the South, what color should I paint it to bring in more income?

A. This is a great place to have a home office to support socializing, networking, speaking and getting your company name out there in the public. This sector is associated with the color red, fire, fame and the mouth. You can support your business by making sure your office is well lit. If you are wanting to paint then adding an accent wall of red, pink or orange, (as these are all considered fire colors) is a good idea; another option is to bring these colors in as accents.  Make sure to face the desk towards the door and so you have the widest view of the room, or have a reflective surface in front of you while working so no one can sneak up and take you by surprise and have a high backed chair to sit in.

Q. I moved my bathroom door to open onto the front foyer, should I place a mirror so the chi doesn’t go down the drain? 

A.  If the bathroom door is directly opposite the front door then placing a mirror on the bathroom door will send the chi energy right back out the frontdoor, and this will make it hard for you to have success in your endeavors.  It’s better to keep the bathroom door closed all the time and put a mirror on an adjacent wall that doesn’t face the front door. This will help bring chi energy into your home and make the space seem larger and brighter – all things that attract more vibrant chi.

Q. What is a Bazi Chart?

A. We are all born with a time imprint, or in feng shui what is known as a Paht Chee or Bazi chart and it explains what one will go through in one’s life; for example the Paht Chee will tell you when you will go through your family time, (and if you’re not careful you could end up with an unexpected pregnancy). This chart also explains if you will have parents that will support you or not and your relationship to your children; it also shows how we relate to others as well as our weaknesses and strengths. These Birth charts can tell you when you will have tough times and easier times and they can guide a person about when it's best to have a family or be assertive in ones career for example.

Q. My house faces the South and my savings seemed to take a hit the end of last year and in January.  I also feel I’m on my own as a single woman trying to support my family.  Do you have any recommendations? 

A. Last year up until January we had an illness energy in the long term prosperity of the SE, (and it was doubled in January) which is where you spend time, plus your house is facing the South and may have been feeling the effects of the Annual energy as early as October or November 2015.  In 2016 we have the 3 Killings coming from the South. This can bring 3 kinds of misfortune – loss of wealth, loss of reputation, and loss of life in the family; remember that feng shui is only one third of your luck, but it’s best to observe some feng shui rules if something like this is at your door.  You don’t want to work or sit for long periods of time with your back directly facing South.  I know your desk has you sitting with your back to the South.  Shift your high backedchair so the SW is at your back instead, then you will be supported more than normal and it will help you connect with women to support your wealth because of the energies this year in the SW.  Using another door instead of your South facing door if possible should also help.

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by Bren

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Sympathetic Resonance

Chicken or the Egg, Your Energy or your Environment? Sympathetic resonance Which comes first, ‘the chicken or the egg?’ is the long held question of the ages. You can pose a similar question when speaking of energy or metaphysics. Which comes first, your energetic vibration or the space that you choose to live in? When deciding on a home or business space for yourself, is there something that draws you to pick one place or another besides the factual information you’ve gathered? People speak of a feeling you get when you walk into a place, and realtors try their best to have the home staged to create that welcoming feeling; but is there even more to it than that? This is where the concept of sympathetic resonance may come into play and is related to feng shui, as it may be partly how we choose and set up our living spaces. Sympathetic resonance is said to happen when a note of one of two identically tuned string instruments in the same room has been played and makes the other instrument vibrate that same note. Going on the premise that sympathetic resonance is what actually happens and we as humans carry our own vibrations around with us; then when we search to find a space or a home to inhabit we may unknowingly sometimes reinforce what we are familiar with by choosing a place that resonates with what is in our own vibrational field. This may be out of something held in our psyche that we can’t quite let go of yet, like a past emotional pain for example. Pictures and artwork chosen will often tell a story about where someone is in their life at the time, reinforcing and replicating what is happening in the moment like a mirror. Of course we put on our walls what represents who we are and what gives us joy; but being surrounded by pictures of a single individuals when trying to find a partner reinforces the feelings of isolation, and doesn’t help our psyche, or our goal of a relationship come to fruition. My experience with this question as it relates to feng shui using sympathetic resonance to help explain it: One of my clients was stunned when I asked if he had any women in his life – he then told me he had just broken up with his girlfriend and his mother had passed away when he was younger. In his new place he had two closets locking up the area related to women and relationships and he was also missing part of that matriarch sector. He didn’t want a relationship and preferred to be single, and he was single for the whole time he worked from that shop. This suited where he was in his life at the time. Did he unknowingly choose a place that made him feel comforted that his wounds regarding relationships would not be aggravated because there was no chance of him finding someone? Was he wanting to lock this pain away in hopes it would heal? Perhaps it was just the best deal that was presented to him at that time; it’s interesting though that this option was presented to him at this particular time. Do we unconsciously know what spaces resonate with us by how comfortable we feel in them? Can we draw a place or opportunity from the universe to us by how we are energetically or the vibrations we emanate? Here’s another example of sympathetic resonance from the book, ‘Feng Shui & Health’: A woman that had a close family member commit suicide purchased a home where someone had committed suicide in the main floor living room. She took in a border in the basement who was in a good place in his life, with a good job and a girlfriend. After so many months of living directly below where the suicide had taken place in the home, the border had lost his job and girlfriend and was very depressed. He unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide right below where the initial suicide had taken place. He went to live with his mother afterwards, which was the best option for him. The home owner had some cleansing rituals done and some Feng Shui remedies put in place afterwards when she noticed her young daughter, (who’s bedroom was directly above the living room) was having issues at school and slight depression. It all ended well, but it does give rise to the question of sympathetic resonance and whether or not we connect with the energy patterns that are around us even though we don’t see them; or if we may be the one giving off the vibrations initially. Science explains the mystical, so is it really mystical to begin with? Is there anything truly mystical, or is it that we just haven’t explored all the possibilities of an explanation? In India they teach Metaphysics in their science curriculum in University.  No building is perfect, so we pick our best option given the circumstances. The idea of sympathetic resonance keeps me motivated to heal underlying emotional issues so I can create the best in my life, and we all deserve that. It’s always a good time to get rid of your clutter folks, inside and out. 

Bridging the Worlds Psychic EXPO
Bat in the Belfry!
My feng shui break out session at the Trinity Community Centre was the last Saturday in November 2016. A bat had been swooping down over people in the previous sessions but must have gotten tuckered out and took a break when I was speaking. I had an elastic ready to tie my hair back though just in case he came out again. The cable wasn’t the correct one for my computer to do my power point presentation so I had to ‘wing’ it and draw on the easel, but other than that it went well. Bats are good luck in feng shui and are said to attract money. :)

Feng Shui in the Garden

The Chinese New Year is also “worm turning” time, which denotes the time for gardening and spring, so why not explore feng shui in the garden now. Maybe you can garner some inspiration for the coming spring and your outdoor spaces. I hear that spring will be showing up fairly soon, (this Sunday will be another warm spell too). Why not think about getting out and creating something new and different in your yard? In feng shui there are various types of uses for gardens; for instance you can make a garden to boost your self-esteem, one to relax/meditate in, a retirement garden, winter, children’s, healing, lover’s or fertility garden. You can make an indoor garden if you wanted. The Power garden is one that you admire from a higher vantage point than ground level, has order, visual serenity, repetition and boosts your self-esteem every time you look at it. Think endowment, authority and power that creates clarity and effectiveness though order. It doesn’t need to be a lot higher, even a few feet below can give the illusion of a commanding place. A winter garden is best placed outside windows to observe and to put the amusing, unexpected or stately as an object to place your focus on; this could be snow people, imaginative bird feeders, a gate, evergreen or gazing ball. Adding red can bring a sense of warmth emotionally and physically and gives us a boost. Lights and movement also warms us on a cold day. Have fun with it and you’ll get more enjoyment from your outdoor space all year round.

Wu Xing Qi Gong

I found a fella on line while searching for Wu Xing Qi Gong. I was quite impressed after I performed this simple and fairly quick exercise.  It relieved stress and I felt totally calm, relaxed and in tune with my body afterwards. Energy was flowing so smoothly through me and I felt elevated somehow; like a well-oiled machine so to speak. The name “Wu Xing” means ‘5 element’, which is the basis of Classical Feng shui, Chinese Medicine and Eastern Acupuncture.  Following the sequential movements of Wu Xing Qi Gong is to support all the elements within your body and have everything humming along in perfect balance and harmony, (which is essentially what I do to spaces, but then enhance for support). To refresh you, the five elements used are Fire, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal. The beauty of this type of exercise is that you don’t need anything but your phone and can do it inside when the weather is not conducive to going for a jog like today, and it only takes 10-15 minutes. I used to do Tai chi before work and I remember that would keep me relaxed at work for the first 3 hours. Go here to try Wu Xing Qi Gong out for yourself: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E-EA86oKkPs

Dispelling Yin Energy from Antique Furniture

When you have antiques in your home some of them and more so with harder, denser wood will hold past energy. Some of the energy can be positive,(yang) but some may also be too yin and have you falling asleep at your desk. Beautifully made, antique furniture can be a desirable addition to your home so long as it is revitalized with new yang energy. Two ways to do this is to either leave the furniture outside, (not in direct sun) for three days for it to absorb cosmic yang energy or do a salt cleanse. Cleanse by gently rubbing the surface area and inside the furniture with natural rock salt. Envision any adverse energy being drawn out of the furniture as you wipe it down. Everyone in the home may notice the home feeling lighter with less tension and negative emotions.

Feng Shui & Relationships

Relationships matter, and in Feng Shui health, wealth and relationships are all believed to be intertwined. If you don’t have your health, then you can’t enjoy your wealth. If you have unhealthy relationships it’s looked upon as not having a quality life, as you have no one to support you and your endeavors. This is considered ‘affinity’ in your relationships, the good and the bad. Whenever we’ve had something good or bad happen in our lives there is someone there either pulling us into a negative situation or acting as a motivator or mentor helping us to get to the next level. There are two stars that can help bring these uplifting mentor type people into your life when activated; they are the Peach Blossom Star and the Nobleman Star. This is found in people’s Paht Chee chart, taken from the time of birth. We can all improve our connection with this good affinity in relationships metaphysically speaking through Feng Shui. Peach Blossom luck is more about having people find us likeable, helping us with making better first impressions, whereas the Nobleman Star is about the quality of your life improving through other’s input. Similar to in the Western world, “it’s about who you know, not what you know”. The chances of success increase substantially if you have the right connections to the right important people, so increasing your relationship affinity and using Feng Shui to also support your wealth energy compounds the strength of your Feng Shui. The Nobleman is about important key people that either unlock wisdom, opportunities and happiness in your life, or they get you motivated by connecting you to your passion for success; they are not necessarily nice to you or compatible with you, but light a fire under you and sometimes without knowing they’ve even done this. You can use the Peach Blossom Star to become a star in your own personal group. Feng Shui is one third of our luck, with our own perseverance being another third and the last third being and Heaven’s luck. Every year the dynamics of your Nobleman and Peach Blossom luck will change as well. Get out there and create some positive connections in your relationships this season and keep an eye out for those people that light a fire under you.

Qi Men Dun Jia

Joey Yap is someone who is progressive, innovative and knows so much about Chinese Metaphysics that I get excited about the topic all over again hearing someone like him speak on it. Dato Joey studies the ancient writings and brings it into the present by applying what is of relevance now and figures out how it can be utilized in a modern context. Qi Men is one of three Oracle methods known as the Three Sacred Methods and was first mentioned according to some sources 5000 years ago. Qi Men can be used in conjunction with feng shui and Joey has created systems with highly precise techniques for people to reach specific goals, for example if you are in business and want to rise to the top of your field. Placing people ‘in the right place at the right time’ is Qi Men Dun Jia’s domain, Joey says. This technique has the ability to improve your chance of attaining specific objectives. The 9 star because the 9 star will also help you get a good base to build on for your future aspirations and to let go of things that need to go. 

In 2018, I'm currently taking his Qi Men Dun Jia course from his Academy and am hoping to bring this new information to clients who would like to find a career that can bring them the most happiness and/or the most wealth.  There are many things that can be strategized in ones life from the timing of when to ask for a raise to when is the best time to buy an investment.

2017Year of the FIRE ROOSTER

In 2017, if we want to attract more wealth and prosperity we need to analyze the birth chart of the year which tells us that the wealth luck comes from the fire element this year; so adding a bright light (that represents the fire element) to the front of the house supports the fire element and welcomes wealth luck in. It helps with financial stability by opening up opportunities to wealth. This year the annual Chinese birth chart can support personal power luck with the earth element; this signifies recognition, rank and power. When you have this authority luck, it is a way to tap your wealth luck which can be similar to knowing your self-worth which helps you become self-empowered. You can anchor the earth element in your home this year by placing an earth element like a round crystal ball in the center of your home. Another way to bring the power luck to you is to wear crystal gemstones – yellow or clear being the best options. 


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