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2024 - Going Into PERIOD 9, (next 20 years)

The energy officially shifts on Feb.4th, 2024 but the Chinese Lunar calendar celebrates the Chinese New Year on February 10, 2024.

So big shifts and changes are coming as we officially usher in Period 9 and the Chinese New Year on feb.4, 2024. We have felt gradual shifts of energy, some more than others which can depend a fair amount on one’s natal chart and luck pillars.  Things will feel like they’re moving faster than in Period 8 and Period 9 will be more tumultuous due in part to the transition from Earth energy to Fire energy.

The number 9 will reign supreme for the next 20 years and brings new opportunities, new wealth, fortune and fame.  It is a social star and it is now the main wealth star which means socializing and networking will support wealth and income.

The Period number 8 going out can still attract wealth and is auspicious, but it gets weaker on its way out.  Some of its negative qualities start to show; this can be lower vitality and health. This is not a problem because number 9 gets stronger and takes its place as the main Wealth and Prosperity star which can be utilized to attract good health, happiness and prosperity.

As the 9 star is the number of the end of the cycle it gives us an added bonus of things cycling back upon themselves bringing positive endings and successful outcomes.

A good way to attract the luck of Period 9 is to use the number 9 where ever you can.  This can be placing items in a group of 9, sets of  9, a house number, your phone number with the number 9 or adding up to 9.

Period 9 is about innovation and quick moving Fire energy, whereas Period 8 was about Earth/mountain energy which brought us growth and stability.  Industries related to fire, technology, innovation, AI or cybersecurity will ‘light’ the way so to speak and bring about important changes in how we live and work.  We’ll need to know ourselves well to know which opportunities we should snap up, as waiting too long may have us lose out on them in the next twenty year ‘Age of 9’. 

Have a prosperous and abundant Year of the Green Dragon and the Age of 9!




Great for weddings/shower registries, for new home owners as a unique gift idea for a fresh positive start, or put a gift certificate in a get well card, (feng shui is also used to support health). Give friends and/or family support in reaching their professional and personal goals!

Now & Zen Article & Excerpts:


Bazi, (also known as Four Pillars) is a metaphysical study using a persons birthdate to help with ones health, personal and family life, career, and even romantic life. It’s a time stamp of when you are born, and it shows the elements the way they were set up in the universe the moment you were born. It also has ten year luck pillars that lay out your life by the five elements as well as the Chinese zodiac animals; these predict whether or not you’re going through a good luck cycle or a not so good luck cycle. You can make the most of your chart/life if you know what it is bringing into your life, and therefore improve your luck cycles - both your good luck and your tough times; It will show when someone will meet a partner to marry, what you’re best suited to do as work and therefore make the most income at doing it as a career, (or having parts of these elements in your career) and the best industry for you to work in and a host of other things. Regarding health one can detect physical issues such as organ problems, parkinsons, cancer and more which then can be individually treated with personalized recommendations using the elements to balance an individuals chart. For example, if you day master is enhanced by fire, (which is a equal to warm a dry) and you don’t feel well but can’t find a cure you can look at your luck pillars. It may show that you’re elements are out of balance because you’re in a 5 yr period of water. Water is the equivalent to cold and damp. So if you’re in a period of water and you already live in a cold and damp climate then one very effective cure is to move to a warm and dry climate. Sometimes this can be hard to do and so you could do the next best thing in elemental cures; you can add fire in other ways to your life with actual fire, or with fire foods. See here how to use the five elements within food: https://www.thespruceeats.com/the-five-elements-and-five-seasons-2254426 If you enjoyed the Qi Men Dun Jia video with Pat last month here is something that may also be of interest. This video has Raymond Lo from the Feng Shui Society explaining how to read Bazi charts using the birth charts of the royal family including Princess Di and Kate Middleton; since they’re in all the headlines of late I chose this one for you. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4gYCg5x-z0&t=2s There are more video’s on line that explain by using examples how one can use the luck pillars and the elements to see what health issues a person may come up against, if any and how to balance a chart. Of course each person’s chart is unique, so it takes someone who has studied Bazi to give a reading, but you may be able to figure things out for yourself by trial and error by experimenting with foods and elements in the now. This won’t tell you your future luck cycles, but it may help you out now and keep you more in tune of what is going on with your health and options to try to improve it.

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Although there were some negative sectors this month my front door had the academics star doubled and I felt urged to learn something new. So I enrolled in Joey Yap’s Qi Men Dun Jia Academy Pro Course and am excited to learn more about various ways to tap the different energies surrounding us.  So who knows, I may roll out a few new feng shui services or workshops after I’m finished!   Stay well!


 There are many things that can be strategized in ones life from the timing of when to ask for a raise, to when is the best time to buy an investment, or even where to purchase property for profit.  I'm studying this science to be better able to help my clients. 

Here I am with Iverson having a great time at Joey Yap's 2018 QI MEN DUN JIA Course in Orlando, Florida. 

Dato Joey & I at his 2016 Feng Shui & Qi Men Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in The Big Apple!  And what a fun place NEW YORK, NEW YORK was to be on Halloween.  Joey  Yap is a famous author with 162 books , has his own private TV channel, is a Chinese  Metaphysics authority, Columnist,  and Consultant for large elite Developers.



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